(a) Water Supply : Piped water supply to Sunabeda town is being operated by the P.H.D . 120 no. of stand posts and 74 no. of Tube wells have been installed in different locations of the town to provide drinking water .

(b) Sanitation : Out of 23 wards 14 no. of wards have been privatized in different Parts i.e I & II for sanitation work approximately an amount of Rs.1,89,,000/- and Rs.2,42,000/- per month including transportation and door to door collection of garbage respectively . The sanitation work of balance wards has been managed by the existing sweepers of Sunabeda Municipality .

( C ) Street Light : The ULB is maintaining 1018nos different types of lights in all the wards of Sunabeda Municipality .

(d) Approval of site plan of buildings : A register has been maintained for approval of site plans for construction and reconstruction of buildings on receipt of block plans through the Koraput Regional Improvement Trust. The Executive Officer approves the plans as per power conferred U/S -267 of Orissa Municipal Act-1950. It reveals from the register that during the year-2013-14 , 47 no. of Building plans have been approved & an amount of Rs.2,36,125/- have been collected so far .

(e) Right to Information Act-2005 : Sri Krushna Chandra Patra, I/C Head Asst. it is now dealing with correspondence of RTI Cell and is maintaining all records of RTI cases The provision of this Act have come in to force w.e.f 12.10.2005 . During the current year 23 applications have been received out of which 22 applications have been disposed leaving a balance of one . The I/C Head Asst. is advised to ensure supply of the information as sought by the applicant under the RTI act 2005 with in the stipulated period on failingly .